Your website is an important business asset requiring regular maintenance the same way a factory tool or company vehicle does. Software (WordPress core, plugins, and themes) needs to be kept up to date to ward off hackers and keep it performing optimally. A comprehensive security solution is required to keep your site safe, and reliable backups that can be restored quickly if disaster strikes are a must. You want your site to rank high in Google and the other search engines. You need someone skilled to add functionality as your business evolves, troubleshoot whenever a technical issue arises, and update site content as needed from time to time. For most small businesses these requirements are not sufficient in scale to warrant hiring another staff member. What you need (instead) is a professional that takes care of these requirements for you via a subscription service. You need Ken Doolan, the pro behind SiteManager.Pro.

Who is Ken Doolan? I have been building and managing WordPress websites for numerous satisfied clients with my Calgary based firm since 2009. Prior to starting this venture I worked as a senior manager and web technology advisor for Telus, Sears Canada and Tripeze.com. My education includes a Bachelor of Science in computer science from the University of Calgary.

SiteManager.Pro was launched in 2018 with website care packages that cover a broad spectrum of maintenance requirements. I have the experience and the expertise needed to professionally manage your WordPress website. Additionally, I can make enhancements to your site and assist you with technology choices (e.g. plugins and themes) and optimization of your hosting setup (e.g. CDN and SSL). I will take care of all the technical details for you so you can focus on your business. I take pride in being easy to reach and respond quickly to email inquiries. Or feel free to give me a call anytime at 403-690-9991 to discuss your requirements.